Mathramz Problem Solving Group

   A Group for Solving Mathematical Problems in International Journals


MathRamz Problem Solving Group (MRPSG) is a group of members of mathramz forum. The group aims at solving mathematical problems in international journals such as the American Mathematical Monthly (AMM), College Mathematics Journal (CMJ), Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, and Mathematics Magazine.

The group work is based on collabrative problem solving and sharing of ideas. The group discussions are carried out in a dedicated closed forum for the group members only.

Joining the Group

For joining the group, you need to register in mathramz forum, and then communicate via private messages with  Ali or QwareeqMathematics. Althernatively, you can send to the following group email: .

Current Members

The group was formed in August 7th, 2010. Current Members are : (alphabatically)

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